IT Connect 2018: Internet of Things (IoT)

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Ticket sales have begun for this year’s IT Connect conference, titled the Internet of Things (IoT). Much like last year, many activities are planned for the event, including various presentations and workshops, opportunities for networking, and even an associated Hackathon occurring a few days prior.

The conference itself will be taking place at Champlain College Saint-Lambert on:



Thursday, June 7th, 2018

2:00pm – 9:00pm

As IoT becomes more integrated in our daily lives, an in-depth understanding is critical to grasp how this technology is evolving and will influence, guide and enhance activities of individuals, consumers, customers and business environments. This technology is here and growing at an exponential rate.

This year’s IT Connect theme is therefore sure to interest IT, IoT professionals, and entrepreneurs looking to expand their knowledge and skills in this area, through exposure to a wide range of topics surrounding this emerging technology that represents the “wave of the future.”

To get an idea of the presentations and workshops featured at this year’s IT Connect, see the list below. Afterwards, to register or to find out more, please visit our IT Connect page


The Future Internet - Stevens Célamy,Team Lead Pre-Sales Engineer, Fibrenoire

In the last three decades, the Internet has gone through many changes. Change in the way we connect to it but more importantly the world we now connect to, has also changed. The Future Internet, now called Web 3.0, is at our doorstep and already has an impact on how Internet service providers are evolving to offer their services, how companies interact with its customers, and how everything around us is moving towards an Internet connected world. This session is tailored to give you a portrait on the changes Internet has gone through, where we are today and the vision the Internet has for us in the very near future.

Delivering Internet of Things at Scale - Alex Coqueiro, Public Sector Solutions Architect, AWS

In this session, we will discuss how constrained devices can leverage IoT to send data to the cloud and receive commands back to the device using the protocol of their choice at scale. We will use cloud services to demonstrate building a real connected product, securely connect using open protocols like MQTT, and show how developers and businesses can leverages technological innovation impacting people experience linking IoT with disruptive technologies like Artificial Intelligence using Amazon Alexa.

Smart Buildings – Integrating POE with IoT - Christine Couture, Business Development Manager – Eastern Region, Cree Canada

This presentation will provide a better understanding of how the Internet of Things (IoT) and Power over Ethernet (PoE) have and will continue to change our world in increasing ways. We will look at practical applications, as well as current trends that lead to smarter buildings that enhance the user experience, provide access to “Big Data” and analytics. Designing a smart building by integrating POE lighting and IoT devices goes well beyond energy saving. We will see that the integration of different building systems into one platform will enhance the experience in the space. We will introduce the next step of system integration that will involve tailored application’s development to analyze and use the data collected.

(This presentation will be in French with an English PowerPoint.)

Making IoT Real - Wemba Opota - National Technology Strategist, Microsoft Canada

Learn how Canadian companies across the country are implementing IoT solutions to deliver real business impact. See how you can scope, develop and build your IoT initiative to drive operational improvements and organizational change from real world examples.

OT/ICS Cyber-Hacking into Industrial organizations - Sylvain Denoncourt GSEC CISSP,  IoT Architecture Consultant, Cisco

Manufacturing, energy, transportation and cities, more often than ever before the IoT / OT sector is being targeted by cyber-criminals. One such famous cyber-incident will be covered and explained: The 2015 and 2016 Ukraine power grid hack.

We will thoroughly investigate the steps and consequences on this attack and then expose the various actions necessary to protect the organization’s assets, mitigate the effects of an attack and more importantly prevent such events. We will demonstrate that “Security by Design” is the only way to “Do It Right”.

Demo: Industrial Control System and Cisco Kinetic - Sylvain Denoncourt GSEC CISSP, IoT Architecture Consultant, Cisco, Étienne Simard, Network Engineering Consultant, Cisco Systems Canada Co.

The first demonstration will cover Industrial Control System (ICS) purpose built industrial firewalling solutions targeted at OT environments. We will show how industrial networking protocols can become targets of an attack and how a security solution such as the ISA 3000 next gen. firewall can prevent these actions through the use of FW/IPS functionalities loaded with SCADA profiles. We will show how security breaches are reported as an event and what security policies are being triggered in such situation to mitigate and stop the attack.

The second demonstration will cover Cisco Kinetic, an IoT distributed system of software designed specifically to extract, compute, and move data from the things that make up the IoT to the various applications where it can provide value.  The Cisco Kinetic platform includes three software modules that provide the functionality customers need to extract, compute, and move data to achieve desired business outcomes.  The demonstration will focus on the second module, the Edge & Fog Processing Module.  This module captures and transforms data, normalizing it to make it usable.

Principles of Building Successful IoT Products - Abhay Ghatpande, Founder and CEO, Product Success Inc.

The success rates for new products and services is very low. Estimates vary, but it is said that between 70% to 90% of new product launches fail to meet their success criteria. Even with the rise in popularity of the Lean Startup and other Agile methodologies, entrepreneurs and companies take an ad-hoc approach to building products. The fact of the matter is, it is possible to significantly improve chances of success by investing some time in upfront research before plunging head long into product development.

In this session, we will cover the principles of product success and innovation. We will discuss the three important facets of success: the product, the business model, and the marketing. What is amazing is that all three are driven from the same set of insights derived from understanding your customers. We will cover what is it that companies and entrepreneurs should watch out for when they are talking to their customers to get the right set of inputs for success.

Bridging The Gap Between Customers’ Business Goals and the IoT Architecture Required to Meet Them - Paul Gallant, Eng.

Today, there’s no shortage of technology disruptions – mobile, BYOD, virtualization, cloud, big data, and IoT have now taken hold of the enterprise and rendered a perimeter-based security approach insufficient. Learn how customers can leverage their existing security investments by seamlessly integrating Exchange sourced products with Aruba 360 Secure Fabric security solution. Aruba 360 Secure Fabric provides the best elements of a unified solution with the flexibility of an open multi-vendor architecture with more than 100 partners.

How the Internet of Things (IoT) is Transforming Business - Tal Schierau - Director, National Sales – IoT, Bell

IoT has been around for many years, but it’s only in the past 6 years that the internet of things began to see a significant growth in connected devices.  This growth has been enabled due to changes introduced in the IP addressing scheme, but also in advances in transport technology which has enabled data transmission and machine to machine communications in businesses and Cities Globally.  In this session, Tal will discuss where the market is going and how  Bell is helping businesses transform how they operate to allow them to remain competitive as technology becomes more prevalent in different industry verticals.

IoT Data Fabric and Use Cases in Manufacturing - Étienne Simard, Network Engineering Consultant, Cisco Systems Canada Co. 

The Internet of Things (IoT) space is a dynamic, fast-paced market where trends are constantly shifting. From Manufacturing and Utilities to Transportation and Smart Cities, digitization is transforming industries and driving new growth and new priorities for firms worldwide.

Join Etienne Simard, IoT Network Engineering Consultant at Cisco for a presentation on how IoT accelerates Digital Transformation. Etienne will demonstrate how Cisco’s IoT strategy helps businesses use the technology to radically improve, transform, disrupt operations and generate greater business outcomes.

This session will cover Cisco’s IoT Network and Data Fabric; an innovative architecture that helps you put compute power where you need it and get the right data to the right applications at the right time to drive better business outcomes.

The session will also cover Cisco’s robust IoT Connectivity portfolio which includes secure products for Network connectivity such as Industrial Switches, Industrial Routers, Firewalls and Access Points. It will also cover technologies such as Fog Computing, Wireless Mesh and LoRaWAN.

This session is a great fit for attendees interested in how Cisco helps business become digital by providing the products and technology necessary to deliver on the promise of the Internet of Things.


Hands-on IoT Workshop - Shohei Azuma, VP Customer Success, Soracom Global

The purpose of the workshop is to introduce the fundamentals of cloud connectivity and sensor control, and the different building blocks of an IoT solution. Though primarily targeted towards developers, the workshop will be of interest to non-developers too to understand the benefits of Soracom’s services and products for building IoT solutions.

This workshop will let users experience first hand what it takes to implement a simple IoT application. Participants will be able to connect sensors to the cloud using 3G cellular connection and transmit data from the sensor to the cloud. The data can be visualized in online dashboards. In the second experiment, participants will be able to control the connected sensors from the cloud using their browsers. They will be able to turn on and off LEDs and make changes to the sensor settings.

Whoever finishes our Cellular + Harvest scenario first will get the same workshop kit including a Raspberry Pi zero, an ultrasonic sensor, a USB Modem and LED lights. 

Learn by doing: How to develop products that people will actually want - Diana Horqque, Service Designer, District 3, Guillaume Aubé, Industrial Designer, SACO

The purpose of this hands-on workshop is to learn about the principles of design thinking by doing. Design thinking is an approach that is being used in different fields to find user-centered holistic solutions for complex problems while innovating collaboratively.

A user-centric approach to development can help validate in different ways the needs of the market and ultimately avoid wasting time and energy on the wrong path for a product. This workshop will be beneficial to anyone interested in the development of products or services.

Let us see how we can make all of this happen in a secure and manageable way.

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