Announcing a New Virtual & Augmented Reality AEC

The Department of Continuing Education at Champlain Saint-Lambert is proud to announce its new Virtual & Augmented Reality Specialist AEC. This program is aimed at those seeking to work in the entertainment, industrial, educational and media sectors, specifically in the creation of immersive interactive media and industrial tools for a range of private and public organizations. Graduates of this program will become specialists in the creation and installation of virtual, augmented and mixed reality technologies for a range of entertainment, industrial and educational organizations.

VR/AR specialists typically work for companies of all sizes, involved in the production, use and deployment of interactive and immersive media and technologies. They may also find themselves working for large video game companies as VR developers; as industrial augmented reality (AR) tool designers and deployment specialists; in educational institutions as interactive and immersive learning experience developers, or even as media directors involved in the management of interactive media productions.

The job titles for which a graduate of the program would be qualified include: Interactive Media Developer, 3D Animator, Application Programmer, Advertising Designer, Computer Game Developer, Content Director, Multimedia Developer, Graphic Designer in new media, Software Developer and Interactive Media Designer. According to Emploi-Quebec, the average annual income listed under the Interactive Media Developer category (2174) for the years 2014-2016 was approximately $60,000 for the Montreal region.

The Virtual & Augmented Reality Specialist program is primarily directed at two major groups: first, those seeking initial training in the development and deployment of VR/AR simulations and tools and second, those seeking to gain additional skills that may complement their current employment in the IT or media sectors.

Interested in learning more about this training and career opportunity? Simply sign up to attend the upcoming info session on September 20, 2018!

Announcing a New Virtual & Augmented Reality AEC