Announcing a New AEC in Office Administration

Today, we are happy to announce our new Office Administration AEC, a full-time, 1-year program for individuals with little to no experience who wish to have a career in office administration. This AEC was designed to help individuals get the required training to start a career as an administrative agent, one of the most in-demand professions in the province, according to Emploi Quebec.

In addition to having highly favorable employment prospects, administrative roles comprise of some of the most crucial pillars of any organization. Multi-faceted and subject to frequent change, these positions can almost be considered front-line, as administrative staff ensure the smooth inner workings in organizations, and they also often interact with clientele directly, representing organizations in quite a literal sense.

It is thus no surprise that in Quebec, specific days are observed honoring the work of these individuals. A good example is “Administrative Professionals Day & Week,” an international initiative that aims to bring attention to the skills and devotion of admin staff. There’s also National School Support Staff Day, which, in a similar vein, brings attention to the efforts of administrative/support staff in schools.

And so by pursuing an AEC through Champlain’s Office Administration program, individuals will be preparing themselves for a career in this valued administrative role. By the end of this program, they will be ready for employment in organizations of all sizes, both public and private. Specifically, they will have learned to:

  • Produce administrative documents in French and in English;
  • Format MS Word documents, create Excel worksheets;
  • Develop databases;
  • Produce basic financial operations using specialized software;
  • Manage finances in an office unit;
  • Plan and organize professional events;
  • Plan and organize work in an office department/unit;
  • Function in a bilingual office environment.

Interested in learning more about this training and career opportunity? Simply sign up to attend the upcoming info session on February 13th.

New AEC in Office Administration