Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP – AEC) Launches at Champlain College Saint-Lambert

The Continuing Education Department of Champlain College Saint-Lambert is proud to offer its new and unique CCNP AEC (LEA.CS). This program has been carefully developed by the department over the last six months in order to deliver training to network specialists seeking to develop their network troubleshooting skills as well as support them in writing Cisco’s CCNP certification. At the moment, Champlain Saint-Lambert is the only public CEGEP to offer this tuition-free, full-time AEC program, two evenings per week and on every second Saturday.

Over the years, the Continuing Education department of Champlain College Saint-Lambert has developed a solid reputation for delivering high-quality IT training at various levels. The department is a certified Cisco networking academy and works directly with Cisco learning products and curriculums. Champlain’s CCNA program has unrelentingly been offered at the college for over a decade, graduating hundreds of highly-qualified network technicians who currently work in the Montreal area. The department is now looking toward the future with its CCNP program and aims to graduate hundreds of highly-qualified network troubleshooting specialists in the decades to come.

The Continuing Education department at Champlain College Saint-Lambert is also currently developing its RAC tools in order to deliver the CCNP AEC through a RAC (Recognition of Acquired Competencies) approach as early as summer 2016. Stay tuned for more developments!