Champlain Announces New AEC: Bureautique et immersion anglaise

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Champlain College Saint-Lambert is pleased to announce the launch of its newest AEC: Bureautique et immersion anglaise, offered through the financial participation of Emploi Québec. The program is designed specifically for unemployed adults in Monteregie who lack formal education or training in the administrative field. It aims to provide students with a formal education, while also offering them an opportunity to enhance their level of English, a combination that will give them an advantage when they seek to enter the workforce.

The program prepares students to be employed by various organizations and businesses related to different sectors of economic activity. Jobs in this field are currently in high demand, with an average salary between 15$ and 22$ an hour. Upon graduating, students will often find themselves working in the following positions: office clerk, secretary, office assistant, administrative support officer, administrative assistant.

An emphasis is placed on teaching students to adapt to new software quickly, which will facilitate the process of integrating into a new work environment. Automony and organization skills and are also reinforced. Once the program is complete, students will be able to:

  • Exercise multiple administrative support tasks in an office environment;
  • Write and revise administrative documents written in French and English;
  • Design and implement pages for specialized documents or multimedia presentations;
  • Support a business conversation or informal English to better serve customers;
  • Handle the basic accounting tasks of an organization (invoicing and accounts payable).

If interested in this program, please visit our Bureautique et immersion anglaise page for more information, or to sign up for an upcoming info session. The program starts November 28th!


Champlain Language Club Opens Its Doors

The Continuing Education Department of Champlain College Saint-Lambert will be launching its innovative language club on June 21st, 2016.  The club is being put in place to resolve the language learning issues which are prevalent in AEC, DEC and other programs. Unlike traditional language courses which are short in duration and inflexible in timing, the club allows for student flexibility in class attendance. It combines all linguistic needs (speaking, writing, reading & listening) and student levels (beginner to advanced) within the same course offering and operating hours. It also focuses on student needs/goals rather than on a prescribed curriculum through the use of the AIM (Accessible Immersion Metrics) language acquisition framework. The summer offering of the Champlain Language Club will focus on ESL (English as a Second Language), but FSL (French as a Second Language) services will also be made available.

Validated through a study in 2013, the Champlain Language Club boasts a high degree of student success coupled with high student enjoyment and a reasonably low cost in comparison to the amount of class time provided in other language learning services. Not only can students access the club up to 120 hours over a ten-week period, they also have access to several native-speaking language trainers who are present during any class session. Why learn from one teacher when you can learn from four?

Briefly, language learning can take years to develop. It is clear that one-size-fits-all language are not adequate in reaching student goals. Language students need authentic and immersive environments in which to present their needs to instructors, develop a learning plan and spend a lot of time engaged in practice with qualified trainers. How can we do all of this during the same class and time?

Come find out at one or both of the following events!


Information Session:

June 7th, 2016 – 6:00PM to 7:00PM             Room: A209

*Free* Champlain Language Club Trial Evening & Launch Party: 

June 14th, 2016 – 5:30PM to 9:30 PM         Room:  A207

CLC Official Launch: (For registered students only)

June 21st, 2016 – 5:30PM to 9:30PM     Room:  A207

For more information, see our Champlain Language Club page.

Champlain Transport & Logistics Student Ciprian Tudosa Receives Award from CPTQ

Annually, SRH Ressources Humaines presents an award for the best T&L student during the annual CPTQ (Club des professionals de transport du Québec) lobster dinner. This year’s winner is a recent graduate of Champlain Saint-Lambert’s Transportation and Logistics AEC. The Continuing Education Department at Champlain is extremely proud of Ciprian Tudosa, who was not only a model student during his stay at the college, but who is also becoming a leading member of the local T&L industry. It is events like these that solidify the benefits of professional AEC programs at the college level and encourage all of us who work in education to continuously strive to provide quality and innovative training solutions. Bravo Ciprian!

In order from left to right: Josée Gagnon, Michael Loughman, Ciprian Tudosa, Marie Kirouac. Ciprian is seen holding the award.

In order from left to right: Josée Gagnon, Michael Loughman, Ciprian Tudosa, Marie Kirouac.

Champlain to Host Conference: The Art, Science and Passion of Youth Work

On May 11th, 2016, Champlain, in collaboration with the AEESQ (L’Association des éducatrices et éducateurs spécialisés du Québec) and the QAE (Quebec Association of Educators), will be a hosting a one-day conference titled “The Art and Science of Youth Work“, within the Special Care Counselling realm. It will start at 8:30am, and end at 3:30pm, with lunch included with registration. The conference will feature a number of a workshops, as well as a keynote address by Dr. Varda Mann-Feder, Professor and Graduate Program Director & Diploma, Applied Human Sciences, at Concordia University.

Photo by David Ward

Photo by David Ward

The Art and Science of Youth Work

Can Child and Youth Care Work be both an art and a science? How can we combine our passion for relationships with our emerging knowledge base and the latest findings about best practices? At the same time, how can we care for ourselves and keep the passion alive? Join us for a stimulating presentation about these ongoing debates in our field and the critical ingredients that can feed a creative, fulfilling and informed career in Youth Work.

Registration will be free for all active Special Care Counselling Continuing Education students, as well as active RAC candidates in Special Care Counselling – please contact Laura Malbogat for more information.

The following workshop options will be available:


Option A: Making Connections: Paving the Way for Change

Presented by Marisa Di Meglio, Manager, CIUSSS-West
This interactive workshop will explore and help clarify why humans respond the way they do and why at times, it’s difficult to connect with our clients.The Circle of Courage Model, which is based on 4 Universal needs will be presented with the focus on Brain development and the effects of Trauma to help better appreciate and understand how best to connect with our clients.

Option B: What Makes Your Heart Sing? Take Charge of Your Wellness

Workshop Leaders: Laura Malbogat & Karen Mowbray
This interactive workshop explores and identifies the multiple issues affecting frontline workers when it comes to maintaining their wellness in the field.Explore strategies to keep you in the game: sane, healthy and balanced. A coaching model will be implemented so participants develop a personal action plan.


Option C: Too Angry to Learn - Teaching Pro-social Behavior to Troubled Youth

Presented by Robert Calame, President Wolf Social Competencies Inc. Montreal, Qc.
Rising levels of violence in our homes, schools and communities around the world make the workshop particularly relevant to anyone working with youth and young adults.This workshop will look at the passion needed and the connections necessary to work with youth using the ART® model.

Option D: From Chaos to Calm: Strategies to Support Struggling Students

Presented by Robin Bernstein, ADHD & Academic Coach
Students with ADHD, executive functioning difficulties and learning disabilities often struggle to stay afloat in the classroom. Through hands-on exercises and case studies, this workshop will focus on identifying and developing a better understanding of issues they are facing, and provide implementable strategies that facilitate student self-management and successful outcomes.

For more information about the event, including registration fees, see the following PDF. Interested individuals can also register online.

Tickets Now Available For This Year’s Graduation Ceremony

The 2016 Continuing Education graduation ceremony approaches! As usual, the event is open for both Continuing Education students, as well as RAC candidates. We feel these ceremonies are hugely valuable experiences, and look forward to both planning and attending every year. It’s a great way for graduates to share their moments of triumph with family, friends, and their colleagues, while also allowing our staff to witness them achieving their goals.

The graduation ceremony will take place at the following date and time:

Wednesday, June 8th at 7:00pm

As of Friday last week, graduation tickets are now officially on sale. They will be available for purchase until May 5th. The prices are as follows:

  • Graduates: $30
  • Guests
    • 0-2 years old: Free (must sit on adult’s lap)
    • 3-12 years old: $15
    • 13 years and older: $20

Tickets are non-refundable. 

Eventbrite - Champlain College Continuing Education 2016 Graduation Ceremony

For more information, please contact 450-672-7364 for Continuing Education, or 450-672-6046 for RAC.

Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP – AEC) Launches at Champlain College Saint-Lambert

The Continuing Education Department of Champlain College Saint-Lambert is proud to offer its new and unique CCNP AEC (LEA.CS). This program has been carefully developed by the department over the last six months in order to deliver training to network specialists seeking to develop their network troubleshooting skills as well as support them in writing Cisco’s CCNP certification. At the moment, Champlain Saint-Lambert is the only public CEGEP to offer this tuition-free, full-time AEC program, two evenings per week and on every second Saturday.

Over the years, the Continuing Education department of Champlain College Saint-Lambert has developed a solid reputation for delivering high-quality IT training at various levels. The department is a certified Cisco networking academy and works directly with Cisco learning products and curriculums. Champlain’s CCNA program has unrelentingly been offered at the college for over a decade, graduating hundreds of highly-qualified network technicians who currently work in the Montreal area. The department is now looking toward the future with its CCNP program and aims to graduate hundreds of highly-qualified network troubleshooting specialists in the decades to come.

The Continuing Education department at Champlain College Saint-Lambert is also currently developing its RAC tools in order to deliver the CCNP AEC through a RAC (Recognition of Acquired Competencies) approach as early as summer 2016. Stay tuned for more developments!

Champlain College Lennoxville Offers International Business AEC Through Video Conferencing

An associated campus, Champlain College Lennoxville, is soon going to host an information session for one of its Continuing Education offerings, an AEC in International Business. Interestingly, this program is being offered simultaneously in Sherbrooke, Saint-Lambert, and in Quebec City via video conferencing (though the AEC awarded, at the end, is still issued by Champlain College Lennoxville). We’re happy to offer this additional option for Champlain College Saint-Lambert’s students.

Lennoxville’s International Business I AEC will offer students an opportunity to hone their international trade business skills, as well as their English. As part of the program, students will learn to negotiate effectively with the people of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and the United States. They will also learn how to develop and manage business development strategies.

The program has a total of 360 course hours, and features a part time schedule: Fridays and some Saturdays, so it can be pursued despite having a full-time job. There are 8 courses total, 6 of which are given in French with English documentation, and 2 of which are purely in English.

The information session will be on March 10, 2016 at 6:30pm, and will be delivered via video-conference. To register for the information session, or to simply find out more, please see this page. You may also find out more by contacting Mr. Pierre Harvey directly, at 819-571-7372, or, by e-mail, at

Champlain to Attend Salon de l’Intégration et de l’Insertion Professionnelle

In a few weeks, we’ll have a booth at the Salon de l’Intégration et de l’Insertion Professionnelle, in the “Education and Training” section. The Salon is designed to provide assistance to immigrants, students and citizens who are looking to:

  • Integrate successfully into Quebec and Canadian society;
  • Acquire Canadian work experience and/or training;
  • Get employed, or change their current job;
  • Expand their network of contacts;
  • Start a business.

We’ll be there to promote two branches of services at Champlain, both of which result in official recognition. For those with a significant amount of work experience, we’ll introduce the RAC process, which results in either an AEC or a DEC. For those with little to no work experience, we’ll suggest the AEC programs offered through Continuing Education. Regardless of the path taken, obtaining an AEC or a DEC can be helpful for those that are looking to integrate into the Quebec workforce.

The Salon de l’Intégration et de l’Insertion Professionnelle will be located at the Palais des congrès de Montréal, and will have the following schedule:

  • Thursday, February 11th, 2016 – 11am to 7:00pm.
  • Friday, February 12th 2016 – 10am to 6pm.

Admission is free.

Champlain Students Receive Advanced Standing Towards Concordia’s Diploma Programs

We’re happy to announce that we recently signed a new memorandum of understanding with Concordia University. Thanks to this agreement, certain Champlain Continuing Education students will have the opportunity to request advanced standing towards related Concordia Continuing Education diplomas. Put simply, Champlain Continuing Education students may be exempt from certain Concordia Continuing Education courses, based on what they’ve completed at Champlain.

The following Champlain AECs and DECs are eligible with the listed Concordia diplomas:

Universite_Concordia_logoWe are proud to provide our students with a new way to advance their studies with Concordia, while potentially reducing the time it takes for them to do so.

For more information, please see the following PDF, or download the request form.

Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada funds Champlain Regional College (Saint-Lambert) program for First Nations


July 31, 2015

Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada funds Champlain Regional College (Saint-Lambert) program for First Nations

Saint-Lambert – Champlain Regional College’s Saint-Lambert campus has partnered with Kahnawake’s First Nations Adult Education School Council to develop both a preparatory program and adapted First Nations Early Childhood Education (ECE) AEC program to address unemployment and underemployment issues experienced in the young adult 18-24 population.

Funding for this multi-year project was secured in a joint application to the Post-Secondary Partnerships Program from Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada.

The Tewatohnh’saktha Economic Development Commission has identified barriers for entry in college-level courses and this program will ensure that this target market is properly prepared for acceptance into the AEC program and that students obtain the competencies to enter into the field of Early Childhood Education.

“This program will be adapted to embrace First Nations’ culture and language and ensure the academic success of participants so that they can gain employment on reserves as well as in the greater community” said Kenneth Robertson, Director General of Champlain Regional College. “We are delighted to further our long-standing relationship with First Nations’ communities in Quebec,” announced Don Shewan, Campus Director of Champlain College Saint-Lambert.

Rola Helou, Executive Director of the School Council expressed that “the Council is excited to be partnering with Champlain to find innovative ways to respond to the educational and employment needs of communities throughout Quebec.”

First Nations Adult Education School Council is an association offering quality education to all First Nations adults. The First Nations Adult Education School Council ensures that the goal of quality, holistic education will be achieved in a spirit of collaboration, respect, sharing and commitment.

Champlain Regional College is the only English-language public cégep that provides a college education in three distinct administrative regions of Québec. The Lennoxville, Saint-Lambert, and Saint-Lawrence campuses offer a wide range of pre-university and technical programs, as well as extensive on and off campus Continuing Education services.


Sherry Romanado
Assistant Director, Continuing Education
Champlain College Saint-Lambert
450-672-7360 ext. 377