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CEGEP Students Celebrate Cultural Diversity Within Cont Ed

On March 19th, 2017, Champlain’s CEGEP students hosted a special event to celebrate cultural diversity, with a specific focus on Continuing Education students and their children. The idea was to sensitize Champlain’s CEGEP students to the growing Continuing Education community within Champlain, while also celebrating its natural multiculturalism. Ultimately, this culminated in an event titled “Folktales […]

New Special Care Conference: Create, Address, Replenish, Educate

On May 17th, 2017, Champlain, in collaboration with L’Association des éducatrices et éducateurs spécialisés du Québec (AEESQ) and the Quebec Association of Educators (QAE), will be a hosting a one-day Special Care Counselling conference titled “Create Address Replenish Educate.” It will start at 8:30am, and end at 3:45pm, with lunch included with registration. The conference will […]

50 000 emplois à combler d’ici 2019 en TIC

D’ici 2019, le Québec devra combler près de 50 000 emplois dans le domaine de la technologie de l’information et des communications – c’est le temps ou jamais d’enjamber le pas vers une carrière prometteuse dans le secteur des TIC ! Le secteur des technologies de l’information (TI) offre de nombreuses possibilités, tant pour ceux qui […]

50,000 Information Technology (IT) Jobs to be Filled by 2019

Lire cette page en français By 2019, Quebec must fill close to 50,000 jobs in the domain of information technology (IT) and communications – it’s now or never to step up to a promising career in the IT sector! The IT sector offers numerous possibilities for both those that are starting their careers, and those […]

Champlain offre une nouvelle AEC : Bureautique et immersion anglaise

Le Collège Champlain Saint-Lambert est fier d’annoncer le lancement d’une nouvelle AEC : Bureautique et immersion anglaise, offerte avec la participation d’Emploi-Québec.  Ce nouveau programme a été développé afin de répondre à une clientèle adulte de la Montérégie qui souhaite combler un manque de connaissances ou de compétences afin d’occuper un poste d’adjoint administratif. Ce programme, en […]

Champlain Announces New AEC: Bureautique et immersion anglaise

Lire cette page en français Champlain College Saint-Lambert is pleased to announce the launch of its newest AEC: Bureautique et immersion anglaise, offered through the financial participation of Emploi Québec. The program is designed specifically for unemployed adults in Monteregie who lack formal education or training in the administrative field. It aims to provide students with a formal […]

Tickets Now Available For This Year’s Graduation Ceremony

The 2016 Continuing Education graduation ceremony approaches! As usual, the event is open for both Continuing Education students, as well as RAC candidates. We feel these ceremonies are hugely valuable experiences, and look forward to both planning and attending every year. It’s a great way for graduates to share their moments of triumph with family, friends, and their colleagues, while also allowing […]

Champlain College Lennoxville Offers International Business AEC Through Video Conferencing

An associated campus, Champlain College Lennoxville, is soon going to host an information session for one of its Continuing Education offerings, an AEC in International Business. Interestingly, this program is being offered simultaneously in Sherbrooke, Saint-Lambert, and in Quebec City via video conferencing (though the AEC awarded, at the end, is still issued by Champlain College […]

Champlain to Attend Salon de l’Intégration et de l’Insertion Professionnelle

In a few weeks, we’ll have a booth at the Salon de l’Intégration et de l’Insertion Professionnelle, in the “Education and Training” section. The Salon is designed to provide assistance to immigrants, students and citizens who are looking to: Integrate successfully into Quebec and Canadian society; Acquire Canadian work experience and/or training; Get employed, or change […]